I love doing what I do. I have the conviction that the premise of being happy in life is essential to “learn” to live. For me to be happy is composed, like so many other things, to do something every day with a special energy. For me, the special energy is to unify creativity and design to convey an idea in a beautiful and a differential way.

I’m graduated in Advertising and Public Relations starting from its base regarding creativity and design, but I really like working any related environment, provided that the objective is to reach a differential outcome. I’m loving the design, film, music, photography, illustration, art, advertising and foremost, the idea of ​​living in relation to what we are, always looking for improve day by day.

Commitment and dedication are words that define me.

Here you will find a selection of recent works. Thanks for your visit and feel free to contact me.





Wales University
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Advertising & Public Relations.
(Advertising Creativity, Art Direction, Copywritting, Advertising Production, New Advertising Formats, Corporative Communication, New Communication Tecnologies, Marketing Strategies, Media Planning, Tecnology applied to Advertising, Public Relations, Consumer Psychology, Sociology, Human Resources and others.)

Final Grade Project:
“Popularity and influence are two terms really different, they’re deeply related, and can assume a wide profitability if their relationship is performed with intelligence and rigor of a person like Steve Jobs. Throughout this project conducted a study on the relationship between the brand image of a company and the popularity of its corresponding CEO, for this case Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs.”


Design, Creativity & Art Direction.


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